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Individual Lessons

Monday - Saturday

One on one lessons. These lessons are suitable for adults and children who like to learn at their own pace.

30 Minute Lessons

€22 per lesson

45 Minute Lessons

€28 per lesson

Online Classes

Same as above

Lessons With a Friend

Monday - Saturday

Lessons for two people who would like to learn together. These lessons are suitable for a child learning with their parent, or for a pair of friends.

30 Minute Lessons

€17 per person per lesson

45 Minute Lessons

€22 per person per lesson

Online Lessons

Same as above


Lesson Description

The guitar lessons I offer are designed to suit beginner guitarists of all ages. The goal of the lessons is to get students playing popular and iconic songs by developing 5 fundamental skills; chords, strumming, scales, picking and fingerstyle.

No previous experience is necessary, and there is no requirement to learn how to read music. The skills developed during these lessons will be applied to well known songs, which helps with integrating the skills and keeping the lessons entertaining. Click here for more information.

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Guitar Grades

Grade lessons are for those who are interested in completing the Trinity College London syllabus for music theory and for plectrum acoustic guitar. Trinity College London offer theory and practical exams for guitar that range from initial grade to Grade 8. Currently I am offering theory and practical lessons up to Grade 6. If you would like to apply for a university degree in music, then you might want to consider training for the Trinity College London theory and practical exams. Click here for more information.


€22 Per Lesson

30 Minute Lessons

30 Minute standard lessons can be taken online anywhere in Ireland or face-to-face in Wicklow Town. 30 minutes lessons are generally suitable for children (6 - 12 years).

€28 Per Lesson

45 Minute Lessons

45 Minute standard lessons can be taken online anywhere in Ireland or face-to-face in Wicklow Town. 45 minute lessons are generally suitable for adults and young teenagers (12 years +).

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Josh's Guitar Lesson's Reviews

Josh's lessons run like clock work and I feel so lucky to have found him. (through BARK) The lessons are for my 11 year old son and he thinks Josh is just awesome. They chat, laugh and learn. The lessons are absolutely perfect for my son and all I can say is... Josh has the patience of a saint!! And his lessons are calm, professional, both fun and serious with repetition and new material each week. Everything you need in a lesson for a child. Zoom works great for us. My son has learned so much and looks forward to his lessons and playing what he has learned to me each week. Josh is a patient and encouraging teacher with an amazing musical talent. I can't recommend him enough to every one who asks me about the lessons.

Áine Hanlon

Learning to play the guitar has been a dream of mine ever since I latched onto the music of great guitar players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton & John Mayer. The first time I picked up a guitar was at 31, and at this age nervous of my ability to learn this awesome & challenging instrument. Josh has been a fantastic instructor, he has helped me open up to a whole new world of creativity through music that I didn't know I was capable off. His patience and flexible teaching style has helped me stay plugged into guitar playing despite the stresses of work and life. It's over a year now and I'm thoroughly enjoying my lessons.

Shershen Naidoo

My weekly online guitar lesson has been a positive experience. I appreciate Josh’s expertise greatly. Josh is a professional tutor - friendly, patient and highly recommendable.

Naomh Cassidy

Josh has been teaching my 8 year old daughter for the past year in Wicklow. Josh is patient and kind, encouraging and really puts my daughter at ease.. He is extremely accommodating and flexible and will work with you to find a time for lessons that suits your lifestyle. I would highly recommend Josh as a tutor.

Fiona Fitzsimons

Image by Wes Hicks

Teaching Hours

Monday         | 1pm - 9pm

Tuesday         | 1pm - 9pm

Wednesday   | 1pm - 9pm

Thursday       | 1pm - 9pm

Friday             | 1pm - 7pm

Saturday        | 9am - 1pm

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