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Standard Lessons

Standard guitar lessons can be broken up into about 15 units in total and each unit aims to build all 5 skills (chords, strumming, scales, picking and fingerstyle) simultaneously which helps to develop a variety of playing styles throughout the learning process.

Each unit takes an average of 2 months to complete, depending on how often you practice. Generally 20 minutes of practice per day will be enough to make good progress.


Song List

Below is a list of some of the songs you can expect to learn with standard guitar lessons.

Twist and Shout | The Beatles
Aint No Sunshine | Bill Withers
All of me | John Legend
We’re Going to be Friends | The White Stripes
Hey Jude | The Beatles
I’m a Believer | The Monkees
House of the Rising Sun | The Animals
Free Fallin’ | Tom Petty
Wonderwall |  Oasis

American Pie | Don Maclean
Should I Stay or Should I Go | The Clash
Fast Car | Tracy Chapman
Something From Nothing | Foo Fighters
A Girl Like You | Edwin Collins
Brown Eyed Girl | Van Morrison
Killing Me Softly | The Fugues
Cant Help Falling in Love | Elvis Presley
You Really Got Me | The Kinks

Hallelujah | Leonard Cohen
Slide | Goo Goo Dolls
Redemption Song | Bob Marley
Seven Nation Army | The White Stripes
Nothing Else Matters | Metallica
Wherever you will go | The Calling
One | U2
Substitute | The Who
Trouble | Coldplay

Traffic in the Sky | Jack Johnson Hotel California | The Eagles All Along the Watchtower | Bob Dylan Dust in the Wind | Kansas Is there anybody out there | Pink Floyd My Sharona | The Knack Save Tonight | Eagle Eye Cherry Fly Away | Lenny Kravitz Creep | Radiohead

Guitar Lesson

Grade Lessons

The Graded coursework that I teach is the Trinity College London syllabus for music theory and for plectrum acoustic guitar. Trinity College London offer theory and practical exams for guitar that range from initial grade to Grade 8, and I am currently offering theory and practical lessons up to Grade 6. If you are interested in having a certificate to indicate your level of skill in guitar, or if you would like to apply for a university degree in music, then you might want to consider training for the Trinity College London theory and practical exams.

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Trinity College London

Coursework for Guitar Grades

In order to register for Trinity College London guitar exams, Trinity requires that each student purchase the coursework of the grade they are being examined on.

Click here to view the Trinity College London Website for more information.

Sheet Music and Guitar

Teaching Style

The teaching strategy I use is to breakdown the course units or the grades coursework into lesson plans that are customised to your needs. Each week we will revise the lessons from the previous week, and then work on new skills and songs at your preferred pace. Each lesson will also include exercises and notes for you to take home that will help to structure your practice during the days between your lessons. During the lessons, I try to use a student-centered approach which means that I will make sure that you have enough time during lessons to practice your new skills, reflect on your needs and progress, and ask questions that will help you to understand where you are at.

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